Going to the dentist is probably not on the top of your bucket list. No doubt it’s probably not even on your to-do list. Who wants to go to the dentist? However, given the multitude of advancements in dental procedures you might find yourself a more willing candidate. Ideally, you’ll make an appointment before things get too far out of hand. Unfortunately, a good number of us wait until we simply must have something done. So, for those pre-planners and those wait-until-the-pain-is-unbearable people, here are some of the newest dental procedures available for your well-being!

Digital X-Rays vs Conventional

Recall the amount of time conventional dental x-rays required. You’d have to sit there forever with that gag-a-rific thing in your mouth, repositioned an infinite amount of time. Then, when you’d finally endured that until you thought you’d walk out, there was the wait time for the dentist to review the x-rays. Which, but the way actually translated to the amount of time it took to develop them and then slap them up on the lighted wall thing.

Now, with the advent of digital x-rays, which some dentists are embracing, the wait time is significantly decreased. Of course, we’d love to tell you that the gag-a-rific plate has been removed from the equation but they still have to stick something in your mouth to record the picture. However, that something can now be readily uploaded to a computer, no more developing. Dentists can save the images and keep an eye on changes (so long as you make regular visits).

Cavity Detection with Lasers!

Yet another seeming ancient dental device, that thing they refer to as the explorer. You know the one, it’s got a sharp point and they poke your teeth with it. Whenever it sticks they do some more investigation because soft teeth mean decaying teeth. Well, now, they’ve got something far cooler!

Yep, they are using lasers to detect cavities now. Shall we repeat it, lasers! These lasers allow the doctors to see our teeth glow. Actually, the less they glow the better off they are. Apparently decay gives off some sort of phosphorescence when this diode laser is aimed at it. Regardless, if it means less poking and prodding and less latex glove residue, we’re all about it!


Sounds like some Grimm’s fairy tale twin names, but actually they are representative of the newest technology aiding in cutting your dental visits down. Yep, CAD (computer assisted design) and CAM (computer assisted manufacture) are the new wave in crown and bridge construction.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have these dental procedures you know how long you had to wait. Traditionally the crown or bridge has to be molded first and then later constructed. This meant going in twice. Now, with these computer assisted methodologies both the crown and bridge can be completed in one visit. The dentist takes a picture and the computer tells the machine how to make your crown/bridge. That simple!

There’s So Much More

We’ve only touched on the amazing advancements the dental field is experiencing. However, we’re so excited about them that we’re going to have to do a second piece to share the rest! Which of these three have you had personal experience with? Share your story in our comments section. We look forward to hearing from you!